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Everything about Scandinavian Interior Design Furniture and Decorations

Scandinavian interior design choices are more deliberate. Functionality is important just like good looks. The design principles focus on comfort, a minimalist aesthetic, and providing a homey environment. Below are plenty of ideas that will help you purchase the best furniture and decorations to achieve a Scandinavian interior design.


An authentic Scandinavian palette should not have more than four key shades. White and lighter hues are the most preferred because they reflect natural light better. The colors blend amazingly with natural wood for a minimalistic look. Neutral colors are the best because natural light is rare in Nordic homes. If you would wish to add color go for earthy tones like browns, greens, greys, and dark blues.


Many critics consider minimalism to mean cold and stark. However, Scandinavian designs create warmth through textiles instead of clattering space with plenty of decorative items. Soft textiles like mohair, wool, and sheepskin are important in cold climates. They are both functional and add a visual interest especially when incorporated as topping on furniture.

Art and plants

Nature-inspired art makes the best Scandinavian interior design decor. A series of botanical prints in the dining or living room make the walls stand out and provide a modern look. Consider also brightening up spaces by use of plants. For more inspiration check out Tylko’s article about Scandinavian interior design and check out this page:


Furnishings that are multifunctional are the best when it comes to Scandinavian interior design. Wood is the primary material used to make furniture makes great chairs, tables, and built-in shelves. Using untreated wood and natural stone to make furniture is a sign of appreciation for nature. It is best to keep decor and furniture minimal and instead add linen cushions and layered rugs to have a modern and classic look.

Clean lines

The Scandinavian design does not have excessive detailing. Solid modern pieces with clean lines are the most defining features of this style. The majority of Scandinavian homes were built small which means they don’t allow excessive items. However, nowadays they are built bigger providing more room for stuff. It means that you need to ensure the spaces are clutter-free to achieve a Scandinavian interior design. To maximize natural light use sheer or translucent window treatments. Ensure you keep decor to a minimum and don’t shy away from empty spaces and bare walls. Check out different furniture and decorations from the store and choose those that will help you achieve the look that you want.