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    How to Make a House More Pet-Friendly?

    For most people, pets are family. But every pet parent knows that having a furry friend at home comes with challenges due to their penchant for messing up the interiors. However, you can still have a classy interior design and d├ęcor while sharing space with a pet. The key to success is creating pet-friendly spaces in your home. Pet-Friendly Furniture Use dual-purpose furniture to accommodate pets. You can have elegant kitchen or sitting room cabinets with hidden litter boxes, nap spaces, and restrooms for the pets. Alternatively, design sleek cabinets with build-in pet bowls so that your pets can enjoy meals without messing up your home. Pet-Friendly Designs Use your…

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    5 Best Interior Design Blogs Out There

    There are various reasons why people spruce up the interior space in their homes. The year 2020 was a year that most people would never forget. It is the year when the term stay at home was a safe option for many individuals. People were forced to stay at their homes thought the best part of the year. Therefore making home space comfortable was the only step people could take to ensure that their home quarantine gave them a good experience. Due to this flow of events, many people move online (including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and personal websites) and write blogs about the best interior design ideas that could help…

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    Everything about Scandinavian Interior Design Furniture and Decorations

    Scandinavian interior design choices are more deliberate. Functionality is important just like good looks. The design principles focus on comfort, a minimalist aesthetic, and providing a homey environment. Below are plenty of ideas that will help you purchase the best furniture and decorations to achieve a Scandinavian interior design. Walls An authentic Scandinavian palette should not have more than four key shades. White and lighter hues are the most preferred because they reflect natural light better. The colors blend amazingly with natural wood for a minimalistic look. Neutral colors are the best because natural light is rare in Nordic homes. If you would wish to add color go for earthy…

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